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Black low tack adhesive tape for photographers 19mm x 66m

Black low tack adhesive tape for photographers 19mm x 66m
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Model number: LOW-TAC-TAPE-BK
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  • Ideal for securing gels to your camera's flash head
  • Also useful for temporarily mounting camera equipment
  • Low tack & it can be removed without glue marks
  • High strength polypropylene prevents stretching
  • 19mm wide and very long 66 metres length

This product is NOT the black tack which was mentioned in the recent MCN article!
Black Tack putty is available here.

This low tack sticky tape is an idea solution for photographers to temporarily secure items to their equipment. It is much cheaper and quicker to use than to buy dedicated mounts.

It has many uses such as securing gels, mounting equipment and positioning props for a photo shoot.

This tape is specially formulated so it can be held in place for several hours without leaving any residues when the tape is removed. You should however, remove the tape from your equipment within a couple of days.

The tough high strength and low stretch polypropylene tape means you can safely secure your equipment, especially when the tape is wrapped round itself.

The extra long 66 metre length is small enough to carry in your photo bag and will last a very long time.

Flash and gel shown in the photographs are not included with this product.

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