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Honl photo creative lighting starter kit (HONL-STARTER)

Honl photo creative lighting starter kit (HONL-STARTER)
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  • Sample filter kit with 10 flash gels, David Honl 'LIGHT' DVD
  • One 5" black/white reversible snoot
  • One black/white reversible gobo/reflector
  • One 1/4 Speed Grid
  • Fits any shoe-mounted flash with the included HONL Speed Strap

The Honl Photo Creative Lighting Starter Kit is a great way to start your lighting with flash photography.

Includes one Speed Strap, one 10 piece Sampler Filter Kit, one 5" Black/White Speed Snoot, one Black White Speed Gobo, and one 1/4 Speed Grid.

Also included in the kit is David Honl's LIGHT DVD which provides working examples of how to make the most of the HonlPhoto Professional lighting system.