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Honl photo traveller 8 softbox for hot shoe mounted flash (HONL-SOFT8)

Honl photo traveller 8 softbox for hot shoe mounted flash (HONL-SOFT8)
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  • Creates a flattering soft light for portraits
  • Creates a unique circular catchlight in the subject's eyes
  • Ultra lightweight and folds completely flat for easy storage
  • Fits any shoe-mounted flash with the included HONL Speed Strap
  • Part of the HonlPhoto Professional lighting system

Create beautiful soft light from David Honl's innovative new softbox design, with the quality and sturdiness you've come to expect from all Honl Photo Professional lighting products.

Extremely easy to setup and attach to your shoe-mount flash unit using the popular Speed Strap (included).

Folds flat to tuck into your camera bag, and weighs in at less than 4 ounces.

Provides a pleasing circular catchlight in your subject's eyes.

Fits most any shoe-mount flash by Nikon or Canon as well as larger units like the Vivitar 285.

The Honl Professional lighting system is developed by David Honl, a professional photographer from the USA. It is a collection of lightweight, durable and affordable light modifiers for shoe-mount flash units.

Designed to universally fit all shoe-mount flash, the versatile light modifiers from Honl Photo provide photographers with an assortment of practical tools to shape light without resorting to cumbersome, heavy and expensive lighting equipment.

Devised by photojournalist David Honl, the Honl Speed System consists of an assortment of Grids, Snoots, Gobos, and Gels that attach quickly and easily to any shoe-mount flash via the Speed Strap, a simple, non-slip velcro strap that wraps around the flash head without the use of annoying adhesives.

The Honl Professional lighting system allows you to bring studio-style lighting control with you into the field.