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Micromuff wind noise muffler for DSLR & video camera microphones

Micromuff wind noise muffler for DSLR & video camera microphones
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  • Uses Velcro brand fixings for a dependable and long-lasting fix
  • Uses the best quality, high-density, close-pile acoustic fur
  • Windproofing is dependable from any angle
  • Compatible with any camera with microphone less than 6mm across & 16mm total diameter to attach the fastening.
  • Fits most Canon, Nikon and other DSLR's

The Micromuff fits over your camera or camcorder's microphone. It eliminates the wind noise associated with built in camera microphones.

Now you can get astoundingly clear exterior sound recordings straight from your DSLR without the hassle or cost of an external microphone, boom and dead cat!

Small enough to keep in your pocket so you will never miss that shot again.

Perfect for outdoor filming of any kind - walking, bird watching, sports, the beach, weddings - you name it and Micromuff can make it better.

Quite simply, you won't believe your ears.

Video 1 - Exterior sound test on a windy day. Shot on Canon 550D. Edited with iMovie with no audio post production.

Micromuff ® exterior test video from will hutchinson on Vimeo.

Dependable, Durable & Detachable

Intense development have resulted in the most dependable, durable and portable solution available, that is both conveniently detachable and reusable!

In professional film and TV productions, there's always a bloke holding a stick with a cat on top of it. He's called the boom operator. The stick is the boom and the cat is a microphone wearing a massive afro wig. The wig stops the wind bodging up the soundtrack.

Enter Micromuff, essentially a kitten to mount on your SLR's mic and eradicate whooshing noises from your footage. It's made of high quality acoustic fur (no actual cat, we believe) and attaches with supplied Velcro rings. Before your next shoot make sure you have your Micromuff at the ready.


Micromuff has been tested on the following cameras:

CANON: 1000D, 1100D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 60D, 7D, 5Dmk2, 1D
NIKON: D7000, D5100
SAMSUNG: WB600 & WB650

It will also work with all other cameras with microphone openings of less than 6mm across in total and with 16mm diameter space around the openings to attach the Velcro fastening.

Micromuff diagram

Example uses

Micromuff on Nikon DSLR Micromuff on Nikon DSLR